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Friday, January 4, 2013

Tips Loss Weight Safely For Teen

Weight problems is on the increase for teens and adults, and health risks related to being overweight are a threat to adolescents more. However, adolescents have special nutritional needs that make them particularly vulnerable to the dangers of a poorly planned diet. Rapid growth and changes in the body means that teens require high levels of energy, fiber content, iron, calcium and among other nutrients. Here are some tips weight loss teenagers that can help you stay healthy while losing weight.

1. Exercise more

Weight loss can be achieved not only through the reduction of calories, but also increasing the number of calories you burn with exercise. By focusing on weight loss through exercise, you can burn those extra pounds without cutting the essential nutrients you need. Join a swim team, get your friends together for a game of volleyball on weekends, or just walk around your neighborhood, but get out and move.

2. Eat more complex carbohydrates

Your body uses carbohydrates as an energy source, it needs especially in teens. Simple carbohydrates, such as sugars and refined flours, give your body a quick jolt of energy that will be consumed rapidly, leaving you feeling drained and hungry again. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates such as wild rice, oatmeal, and cauliflower are broken down by the body more slowly. This allows you long-term energy without the sugar crash, and also makes you feel more satisfied.

3. Do not skip meals

With the pressure of going to school, doing homework, and have a social life, you may be tempted to save time by skipping meals - especially breakfast. However, skipping meals deprives the body of the nutrition it needs, reduces energy levels, and can send your body into hunger mode, which makes it harder to lose weight.

4. Set reasonable goals

If you are determined to lose too much weight too fast, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Talk to your doctor to decide a reasonable weight loss plan for your situation. Do not be too hard on yourself - the weight loss is difficult for adolescents and adults, and it's going to take a little 'time to reach your ideal weight.

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